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Campuses in: Abilene and Brownwood
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Kinesiology: Interactive learning.
Classroom: Making bones from playdough.
Graduation: Celebrating your accomplishments.
Making friends for a lifetime.

Frequiently Asked Questions

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What is this I hear about I can complete 46% of my classes online going to massage school?

Let us help you understand and make the best decision!

We are now offering one of the BEST and cost-effective educations you can buy, now even online!!  For ONLY $5,000 tuition! Yes, that's right! No tricks, hidden fees or any additional costs! Other than supplies, you can become a massage therapist! You must have a up-to-date device and internet access (prefered google chrome) in order to or online classes.

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So, I’m maybe, sorta interested in enrolling….AKA Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’m maybe, sorta interested in enrolling at Texas Massage Academy…but I have questions. (AKA – Frequently Asked Questions) So, you are interested in possibly becoming a student at Texas Massage Academy, that is great news. You have come to the right spot to get some answer to your questions. First, let me give you...

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Massage Tour Online for massage schools in Texas

Check us out with a Virtual Tour!

So, you are interested in Texas Massage Academy. Check out our virtual tour below. Many of our students enrolled at Texas Massage Academy come from all over the Central Texas Area. We offer week night classes so that students can easily drive into town. Day classes coming soon...

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Why Us

group of graduated student that are now massage therapist from Texas Massage Academy

Why Texas Massage Academy?

Here, at Texas Massage Academy, we strive to be the BEST, not only teaching the most sought after skill sets, but also preparing you for your career as a massage therapist. If you are excited and passionate about helping others and want to raise the bar to be the most sought after massage therapist, Texas Massage Academy is the educational facility for you!

We will push and challange you every step of the way! But, in the end, it will all be worth it! We are NOT a facility that, if your check clears, you pass. You have to earn it!

Dedicated Faculty

students having fun in massage school during their internship hours working with the public

We all take pride in our school! Staff and students alike!

We are extremely proud of the faculty and staff at Texas Massage Academy. Each faculty and staff member brings a very special and unique insight to your training. Our instructors pour their hearts and souls into the training that is provided for you. We firmly believe that massage should not be viewed from a “one size fits all” standpoint. Massages should be a tailored/customized experience to accommodate the specific needs of each individual: health, history, pain, etc.

Superior Facilities

Texas Massage Academy offers all the resources required for an effective and enjoyable learning experience. We are centrally located in the “Heart of Texas”, also known as Texas Hill Country. At 400 Center Avenue, in downtown Brownwood, Texas, you will find our spacious 3,400 square foot facility. Our facility features a large lecture classroom capable of accommodating 18 students with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, computer aided easy-to-follow presentations for all lecture lessons, and anatomical charts to enhance your learning experience. Our Massage Therapy Lab is sectioned by medical drapery to provide privacy, yet easily opened to allow for accurate teachability. Within the Massage Therapy Lab there are 6 top of the line massage tables and related accessories so that you may learn massage therapy on the best equipment available. This lab is specially designed to create a peaceful environment, conducive for learning the art of massage, incorporating relaxing music, lighting, and ambiance.

inside the massage school in Brownwood Texas