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Learn fun services such as 4 handed massage.
Learn advanced techniques such as TMJ work.
Learning anatomy is fun when you can make bones from playdough.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Become a massage therapist with scroll or diploma

What is this I hear about I can complete 46% of my classes online going to massage school?

Let us help you understand and make the best decision!

We are now offering one of the BEST and cost-effective educations you can buy, now even online!!  For ONLY $5,000 tuition! Yes, that's right! No tricks, hidden fees or any additional costs! Other than supplies, you can become a massage therapist! You must have a up-to-date device and internet access (prefered google chrome) in order to or online classes.

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People thinkig about massage school

So, I’m maybe sorta interested in enrolling….AKA Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’m maybe sorta interested in enrolling at Texas Massage Academy…but I have questions. (AKA – Frequently Asked Questions) So you are interested in possibly becoming a student at Texas Massage Academy, that is great news. You have come to the right spot to get some answers to your questions. First let me give you...

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Online tour with Kathleen at your massage school

Check us out with a Virtual Tour!

So, you are interested in Texas Massage Academy. Check out our virtual tour below. Many of our students enrolled at Texas Massage Academy come from all over the Central Texas Area. We offer week night classes so that students can easily drive into town. Day classes coming soon...

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Online Program

Tuition & Fees

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Tuition                   $ 2,500.00 (pay as you go)

Registration Fee                                   $50.00

Estimated Additional Costs:
(To be purchased by students)            $530.23

TOTAL $3,080 

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Texas Licensing Program

This is the education you KNEAD!

Previous graduates from Texas Massage Academy

Our Program(s)

The state of Texas requires a minimum 500-hour course of instruction for licensure as a massage therapist including the following subjects: Massage Therapy Technique, Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Health & Hygiene, CPR & First Aid, Hydrotherapy, Business Practices, Professional Ethics, Massage Therapy Law and a Clinical Internship.

Texas Massage Academy offers the most innovative, comprehensive massage program available. Our program includes the following core subjects:

Massage Technique – 200 Hours

Massage Technique I – 150 Hours

This subject allows us to teach the basic principles of massage therapy. We begin with basic Swedish (effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement) gradually working students into providing a wonderful relaxing massage. Our goal of this subject is to impart the science and art of massage therapy to every student to provide a relaxing massage, taking into account the fact that every client is an individual and has individual needs in their massage. In addition, you will also learn effective spa and clinical massage therapies. At least 125 hours of massage technique instruction will be on Swedish massage.

Massage Technique II – 50 Hours

This subject allows the student to refine their skills in massage after completing their internship experience as well as expand on their knowledge of massage therapy.

Health & Hygiene – 20 Hours

Health & Hygiene I – 12 hours

Students will study to understand indication and contraindications to massage, the effects of stress, the benefits of massage, the importance of proper body mechanics, disease recognition and understanding, the importance of good personal hygiene practices, and universal precautions.

Health & Hygiene II – 8 hours

CPR & First Aid

Anatomy, Physiology, & Kinesiology – 125 Hours (50/25/50)

Anatomy & Physiology I – 58 hours

Understanding the structure and function of the human body with an emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems is of utmost importance to the skilled massage therapist. We utilize animated video, exercise, and class projects to help students better comprehend the structure and function of the human body. Additionally, our textbooks are specifically designed for students of massage therapy and correspond with full-color, animated presentations used in class.

Anatomy & Physiology II – 17 Hours

This class brings an understanding of all the body’s systems to the student and how massage affects those systems

Kinesiology – 50 Hours

Kinesiology is the study of movement. During this course, the students will learn the interaction of the bones, joints and muscles during this class. With this understanding, they will be able to better identify which specific structures are involved in an area of pain when working with clients.

Hydrotherapy – 20 Hours 

Students will learn to use hydrotherapy in a safe and effective manner through demonstrations and hands-on practice. Types of hydrotherapy to be discussed include: whirlpool, hot and cold packs, paraffin, steam, body wraps, and body scrubs.

Business Practices & Professional Ethics – 45 Hours

Business Practices & Professional Ethics I – 5 Hours

This introductory class to Business Practices and Professional Ethics will focus on professional ethics and standards within the massage field.

Business Practices & Professional Ethics II – 40 Hours

From advertising practices to maintaining your zeal for massage therapy, this dynamic and insightful course will equip you to build a massage practice you can be proud of, and in which you can enjoy. In addition, we will discuss in detail the scope of practice for massage therapy, laws pertaining to massage therapy and many business practices in general.

Pathology – 40 Hours

Pathology I – 5 Hours

Pathology is the study of human diseases and the effects of the disease. This information is important to the massage therapist because there are conditions where massage would require caution or perhaps not recommended.

Pathology II – 35 Hours

This course has a more in-depth focus on different diseases and their effects as well as how different medications react to massage.

Clinical Internship 50 Hours (TDLR required minimum ~ hands-on hours )

This portion of the program allows you to put all the classroom theory into real practice. We believe strongly that the learning is truly in the doing. Your clinical internship will be the most rewarding part of your massage therapy education. Students will be eligible for clinical internship after successfully completing 250 hours of classroom training.

Advanced Clinical Internship 225 Hours (ELITE Mastery Program)

With our State Approved Advanced Clinical Internship, you will be given the opportunity to be able to practice the advanced techniques you learn during your classroom training. As well as having the opportunity to perfect your personal massage therapy techniques and becoming accustomed to real-world massage experiences using advanced modalities. Students will be eligible for clinical internship after successfully completing 250 hours of classroom training.

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