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Why Texas Massage Academy?

Here at Texas Massage Academy we strive to be the BEST by preparing you for your career as a massage therapist. If you are excited and passionate about helping others and want to raise the bar Texas Massage Academy is the educational facility for you!

Our Approach!
Our approach is different from others you might find. We take our training and educational knowledge to a level that will prepare you for a successful career. Every aspect of your training at Texas Massage Academy will be of value to you in the years to come. We believe there is more to your career than a traditional massage. Our extensive knowledge of the human body and its adaptive nature will allow you to empower your future with the experience and passion of using our techniques and methods.

You will learn techniques such as: Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Range of Motion Assessments, Client Assessments, Myofascial Release, and good body mechanics just to name a few!
Texas Massage Academy meets all State requirements, while focusing on our training and students. We have an internal process that allows each student the individual attention one needs. Our student-to-teacher ratio is far less than the state's requirements. This allows a more conducive learning environment.
*(Our ratio is NO more than 18 students per one instructor.)


The Texas Massage Academy Program is the most comprehensive program anywhere. It includes the essential core subjects necessary for licensure as well as techniques and services that most other schools charge extra for such as clinical massage, spa therapies, relaxation massage, and deep tissue massage. Not only is the Texas Massage Academy Program the most comprehensive, it is also by far the most affordable!

* Other supplies the student must provide include linens, lotion & scrubs

Easy Payment Plan with extended clinical internship.

What to do next?
Visit our downtown campus located at 400 Center Ave, Brownwood, Texas.

Appointments with enrollment representatives are available and strongly encouraged to answer any questions you might have.

Select your program of choice and complete the enrollment process with our admissions officer.

License Number: MS1040



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